2020 Kickoff Event – Clare Josa – 16 March 2020

Clare Josa has been a mentor to passionate world-changers since 2002. She’s the author of 8 life-changing books, a long-time certified NLP Trainer, a formally-trained Meditation and Yoga Teacher Teacher, a Reformed Engineer and the former Head of Market Research for a major household name.

She was awarded a First Class Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Germany by the University of Sheffield (UK) and Ruhr Universitaet Bochum (Germany). Clare qualified as an NLP Trainer in 2003, and is certified to train people up to Practitioner and Master Practitioner level. In 2004 she qualified as a Language And Behaviour Consultant, specialising in identifying the hidden motivational traits we give away in our choice of words (based on Naom Chomsky’s work). In 2008 she qualified as a Meditation Teacher and in 2015 she completed her Yoga Teacher Training.

She has spent the last 12 years specialising in empowering passionate world-changers to do the ‘inside work’ so that you can get on with making a difference in the world.

She is famous for allowing her inner engineer to dance with her inner meditation & yoga teacher, to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. Then, as an NLP Trainer, she turns these insights into inspirational courses and Masterclasses, broken down into bite-sized chunks, so you can easily create transformations and breakthroughs, no matter how busy you are.

As co-founder of the EU VAT Action campaign in 2014, she has had to overcome any remaining ‘visibility’ fears, to stand on international stages in front of people who had been studying what she was giving keynotes on for most of their careers. She is regularly interviewed by the international press and has been interviewed by numerous radio and TV stations.

She’s a closet introvert and has had to use all of the techniques she shares with her clients, to get comfortable in her totally authentic, publicly visible Soul-shoes, growing her business and changing the world. Clare would love you to be able to do that, too.

She is a member of the UK’s Institute of Directors and she speaks internationally on topics to do with the hidden and little-talked-about ‘inside work’ we need to do, if we want to make a bigger difference in the world.

Clare lives in Sussex, in the UK, with her husband, their 3 young boys, a  bouncy Jack Russell and 10 mindful chickens.