Christmas 2019 Report

On the 25th of November Chamber members were privileged to listen to “Groundwater Basics, the Current GRT Water Situation and The Way Forward” presented by local geohydrologist Neville Paxton at Coldstream. It highlighted that Groundwater in a drought can be sufficient if it is managed well.

Neville shared that approximately 95% of the earth’s usable freshwater is made up of groundwater. Water seepage occurs and ends up in porous aquifers or fractured aquifers. A cross-section of Karoo soil was presented with the influence of dykes which are present here on our doorstep. Knowledge of the location of dykes is necessary in order to know where to sink a borehole.

Based on info from the Municipality on 14 Nov the shortfall between consumption and supply at Off Peak times is 4.3 ML/day and Peak times is between 6.6 to 8.6 ML/day.

The two courses of action which are to create more inflow AND reduce consumption are to be achieved as follows:

Improve inflow – four new boreholes are being set up in the Camdeboo Park and, consultation is happening with the municipality regarding faulty and non-operative boreholes and the upgrading of filters and pump station and pipelines. The security around boreholes is being stepped up to prevent incidences of vandalism.

Reduce consumption – A widespread water saving awareness campaign will be launched in January 2020 to address current consumption levels.

Other “Way Forward” plans include feasibility studies to access more groundwater, and studies relating to the dam such as raising the wall, desilting and dam wall safety inspections.