March Network Function—Clare Josa

On the 16th of March 2020, the day after Cyril Ramaphosa introduced stringent travel and other restrictions, the Exco made the decision to proceed with caution regarding the planned Network event for the next day.
Twenty-five members and non-members presented themselves, despite the environment, showing themselves eager to hear the gems of knowledge that Clare Josa shared about the Imposter Syndrome.
Have you every heard a voice which tells you that you can’t do something? How do you tame that inner critic in the context of a tough business environment? Clare provided the audience with some practical tools while at the same time looked at the theory behind how the brain works and its neural pathways.
The audience were engaged and many questions were forthcoming. Coldstream came to the fore dishing up 3 tasty menu choices with a kaleidoscope gelato to end. Clare and her son an Exchange student since the beginning of the first term at Union School, left the venue hastily to catch a plane back to the UK as countries close flights and borders in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus.